The International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS) 27th Annual Conference, in Houston, Texas, USA (Oct 2017) included an excellent keynote presentation by Dr Neeru Jayanthi, a leading sports medicine specialist and associate professor of orthopaedics at Emory University in Georgia, USA.

Dr Jayanthi spoke on the links between dance and sports medicine in his talk entitled “Overuse Injuries and Specialization: What Can Dance Medicine & Science Learn from Sport?”

Among the important points he made were:

  1. The consequences of early specialised training in sports such as gymnastics, tennis and swimming.
  2. Acknowledging that intensity of specialisation can lead to early burnout.
  3. The challenge of education of parents and coaches.
  4. The usefulness of creating injury profiles for high-risk athletes and dancers.


Dancers are highly specialised athletes trained from a young age and at risk of not only physical injury but also psychological stress. It would be worthwhile to develop a more sophisticated understanding of their risk profiles for psychological injury and their particular vulnerabilities.




New publication from OUP

A valuable read for anyone working in the psychosis field. It covers all aspect of physical health care and will be of interest to anyone who values the importance of exercise and physical activity in mental health care.



Active for Life

Details of the highly successful Spireites ‘Active for Life’ programme were recently presented at a Royal College of Psychiatrists Meeting in Newcastle. see ‘past events’ pages for more details.



Promoting physical activity for better mental health

Mental health problems are common  – but how can we promote greater physical activity when it might be helpful in sustaining and restoring our mental health?

Click the image to have a look at this video produces by Public Health England in association with a leading mental health charity.


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