WPA World Congress 2017 – Berlin October 8th to 12th

The World Psychiatric Association World Congress is in Berlin later this year. Sports Psychiatry will be featured including a session chaired by leading sports psychiatrist, David Baron. Speakers will prominent members of the International Society for Sport Psychiatry Dan Begel and Dave Conant-Norville and the current chair of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Sport and Exercise Psychiatry Group, Alan Currie.




Dan Begel founded the International Society for Sport Psychiatry in the early 90s and is editor with Bob Burton of the first textbook of Sport Psychiatry. His presentation is entitled ‘Mental Wellness in youth sports; implications for psychiatric and primary care.

David Conant-Norville is based in Oregon USA and has done much work on the connection between ADHD and youth sports. His talk is entitled ‘Treatment of common child psychopathology in primary care using taekwondo’.


This session is on Wednesday the 11th of October (15.15-16.45). Registration details and a full programme are on the conference website. Click below.

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